Our Story

Spaanie was founded with one goal in mind, and that was to simplify job discovery. We wanted to revolutionise the way people found work. Virtually every company begins with the solving of a problem. Ours was simple, we wanted to ensure that the process of finding a job was as simple and as frictionless as possible.

For us it all began with a trip to Matatiele, where one of us was confronted by a number of unemployed young people, who were asking for help with finding jobs in their community. We realised then that the cost of looking for jobs was expensive and time consuming. The journey is riddled with unnecessary obstacles that prevent access. As a team, we took stock of our own experiences and found that the job hunting experience didn’t leave us with any feelings of happiness or joy.

We started Spaanie to create an alternative. We wanted to make it simple for the mom who is looking for a nanny to take care or her child while she works. It’s for the small business that urgently requires additional staff to grow, but can’t afford the insanely high fees charged by job platforms. And lastly, Spaanie is for the recruitment agent looking to find relevant applicants for the jobs that they have available.

We believe that looking for a job should be easy and fun. It should be an extension of your social experience.

We also believe that everyone has the right to a job that they love.

We are on a journey to simplify job discovery!